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sometimesss U_U
Saturday, April 14, 2012 • 3:06 AM • 0 comments
[entry ni agak emotional... bahasa rojak... and berkaitan dengan yang hidup..]

sometimes kite kene luangkan mase untuk JIWE
okey guys.. enjoy .. and please take the goodness from this entry..
and hope take a lesson from the badness..

kadang-kadang kite rase hidup kite ni macam.... "ohh man! what a beautiful life is this!! i like !!" sambil meloncat kegembiraan ... tapi .... bile something bad happened suddenly in our life.. kite rase macam .... "what the hell is wrong with this life??!! i cant stand it anymoreeeee!!" sambil tekup muke kat bantal ..

kadang-kadang tu kite rase macam ..... "wow.. im the only one who just have a beeeaaauutiful life!" angkat muke sebab belagak .. but one fine day... everybody around u are laughing while u're crying .. nobody notice that u're in sad .. "hah!! pity u man!!"

kadang-kadang tu kite tak sedar ape yang kite dah cakap kepade seseorang... kite tak tau yang kite dah TER lukakan hati seseorang ... until someone said to us "what the hell is wrong with you?!! teroknya perangai kau??!"  then..  when we know the thing .. certainly!!!! we will feel "i really reaally really really really dont mean it !! "

but then... when someone away from your side... ko mesti nak cakap "what kind of a person are u??? sikit-sikit lari... sikit lari.. ape pon tak bole" tapi kite pernah terfikir tak... orang lain pon ade perasaan.. bile seseorang tu dah menghindarkan diri dari ko .. sila lah cari ape yang tak kene .. there must be something wrong somewhere !

***im feeling it right nowwww.. someone.. please??***

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